Season 10, Finale: Points

Update: Due to a complete lack of brain cells from watching The Bachelorette every week for two months, we originally published a mashup of last week’s and this week’s points. This post has been updated. 

Well, that wraps another season of the only show on television that puts your heartbroken ex on a tiny loveseat next to you so he can discuss your former (and short lived) sex life in front of America. Talk about one last fling before the ring, amiright? That was excruciating. I tucked my head into my neck.

At season’s end, I think it’s safe to say Andi was a breath of Bachelorette fresh air after the Juan Pablo fiasco last season, but she lost a lot of street cred in my book for acting so syrupy with Josh on After the Final Rose. Unless the show was filmed in an open air yurt in Greenland, Josh has no excuse for petting her shoulders that hard and for so long. And him giving in to her duck face with kisses? We’re all barfing at home and Nick just shot himself backstage, you mushy goons.

I was just glad Josh didn’t make the analogy between the ring he gave Andi and the World Series ring he always thought he’d get. Let’s be thankful for that (and for remnant memories of Nick’s naked torso) while we take a gander at the points tally for season 19’s finale.

Josh: 165 points (It’s outta here!) 

  • Kissing Andi on the lips (10 points)
  • Going on a one on one date (20 points)
  • Saying “I love you” to Andi (30 points)
  • Giving Andi a gift (letter) (5 points)
  • Winning the Final Rose (100 points)

Nick: 125 points. (He’s outta here.)

  • Talking about an ex-fiance or ex-wife (10 points)
  • Giving Andi a gift (5 points)
  • Kissing Andi on the lips (10 points)
  • Saying “I love you” to Andi (30 points)
  • Going on a one on one date (20 points)
  • Coming back to the show to beg for another chance (50 points)

Eight weeks, 1 million hours and all your brain cells later, it turns out, Andi’s frown just needed a licking from Josh to turn it upside down.

Until next season,

K, B & J

P.S. Thank you for playing along with us this season! How’d you fare in your league?

P.P.S. Suggestions for next season? Tweet @bachfantasy.

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5 thoughts on “Season 10, Finale: Points

  1. Bethany says:

    I think some of Nick’s points from last week were carried over to this week by mistake. Unless I totally missed the helicopter ride and second fantasy suite… Which is very possible, sometimes I have to leave the room when things get too awkward to watch.

    I came in second in my league, the winner had both Nick and Josh on her team so she has been the clear winner for weeks (no fair).

    Are you guys going to do points for Bachelor in Paradise?! I can’t even imagine what that will be like.

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      No more brain cells left. Thanks for catching our mistake, Bethany! We’ve updated the points above. We’re not scoring Bachelor in Paradise this season, but we think our points categories will be relevant for that show too. Feel free to use the scoring system to manage your league. Thanks for playing along this season!

  2. Jess E says:

    Thank you so much for doing this!! We had so much fun!! We gave both guys points for crying last night because we saw moisture on both. Can’t wait for next season!

  3. Daniel Boyle says:

    Will there be anything for bachelor in paradise?

  4. J says:

    I would’ve played along if my friends weren’t so effn lazy!! Lol. This was more fun than actually watching it. Thanks!!

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