Season 19, Episode 9: Points

Fantaaaasy suiiiiteeesssss!


Wildcard points: 40 points went to Becca for being the first woman to say, “I’m so excited to spend alone time with Chris/without cameras.”

  • Becca: 170 points
    • Kissing Chris on the lips (10 points)
    • Saying “I’m falling in love” to Chris (20 points)
    • Wildcard points (40 points)
    • Accepting the Fantasy Suite invitation (75 points)
    • Getting the rose to stay another week (25 points)
  • Kaitlyn: 130 points
    • Kissing Chris on the lips (10 points)
    • Saying “I’m falling in love” to Chris (20 points)
    • Accepting the Fantasy Suite invitation (75 points)
    • Crying on camera (25 points)
  • Whitney: 175 points
    • Kissing Chris on the lips (10 points)
    • Going on a picnic (5 points)
    • Mentioning a deceased love one (10 points)
    • Saying “I love you” (30 points)
    • Saying “I’m falling in love with Chris” (20 points)
    • Accepting the Fantasy Suite invitation (75 points)
    • Getting the rose to stay another week (25 points)

Women Tell All: Special Points Edition

We’re going to add a few special categories to score during the Women Tell All episode next Monday and we’d love your suggestions. Points categories can be phrases or actions. For example, “Rolling her eyes when someone else is talking: 20 points” or “Getting bleeped for profanity: 15 points.” Leave a comment with your suggested categories and we’re going to pick our favorites.

We’ll send out a blog post by Friday with the special points listed out.

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25 thoughts on “Season 19, Episode 9: Points

  1. kateebee says:

    For the Women Tell All Episode next week, how do you recommend we award points? To the original teams, to the redrafted teams after the midseason draft, or both?

  2. TeamCarly says:

    This is great!

    Here are a couple:
    Saying something negative/insulting about Chris – 50 Points (Most likely never going to happen)
    Admitting that feelings remain for Chris – 20 Points
    Mentioning a new man in her life – 20 Points
    Saying that someone is not the person she thought he/she was – 15 Points
    Any mention of this journey being any kind of “rollercoaster” – 10 Points
    Talking over another contestant – 10 Points

  3. Bachelor Fan says:

    This seems like a bit of a conundrum if the top three are in our league. We will be at a disadvantage. It’s like we are losing out for picking correctly!

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      We certainly see your point here. By no means does your league have to include the Women Tell All in your overall season count. We decided to award small amounts of points for this episode for a few reasons:

      1. Our points categories are centered around stereotypical behavior seen on the show, particularly behavior that gets you screen time and attention. The Women Tell All episode is full of that.
      2. There are only so many girls at the end – teams can often be pretty similar and the points each girl earns each week doesn’t differ wildly. This provides an opportunity to shake things up.

      Again – your league can choose whether or not Women Tell All points count.

      • Bachelor Fan says:

        In that case- perhaps you should make categories which deduct points- similar to your 75 point deduction for refusal of the Fantasy Suite.

    • Amanda S says:

      I kind of agree… Would be fun to open it up to any girl you’ve picked in the past (original and after mid season draft). I think that’s what my group will do to be fair.

    • Ann says:

      If you had the top 3, you’re already scoring the most amount of points for these last 3 weeks. You shouldn’t be complaining, or worrying.

  4. Meghan says:

    getting chosen for a one-on-one interview with Chris Harrison.

  5. Heather says:

    These are the points my league has used in past seasons for the women tell-all episode:

    – 5 points for crying
    – 10 points for participating in a gang-up on one of the women
    – 5 points for being mean about the bachelor
    – 10 points for being interrogated by Chris Harrison (it has to be pretty intense)
    – 5 points for insulting the remaining contestants
    – 10 points for correctly predicting the winner
    – 10 points for direct confrontation with the bachelor
    – 10 points for being in a relationship now

  6. Neil says:

    Hi – Can you confirm that Whitney was actually sitting on the ground for the picknick? This is required for the points.

  7. Neil says:

    Bad typo: I meant picnic. I apologize to the English majors out there :)

  8. sjbuffy says:

    in addition to some good suggestions…
    – loudest applause / aka most-likely-to-be-the-bachelorette
    – first lady to speak
    – anyone who apologizes (to anyone, for anything)
    – biggest makeover
    – of course, tears, tears and more tears

  9. liz says:

    Saying “I didn’t want to move to Iowa anyways”
    Asking Chris for a reason why he got rid of her
    Being cast for Bachelor in Paradise (I don’t know if they announce that yet)

  10. Erika says:

    I love this! Such a great idea!

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