Introducing the Mid-Season Draft!

The rumors are true—it’s time for a mid-season draft to shake up your standings. Please note that this is completely optional. If your league isn’t down to clown, it’s no big deal.

If you are foaming at the mouth for a mid-season draft, then keep reading.

The Rules:

– If your team is NOT fully intact (i.e., you no longer have all of the contestants you originally drafted):
  • You can draft exactly one more lady to your roster.


– If your team IS fully intact:
  • You get a bonus of 70 points
  • OR you can swap out one of your existing contestants for another lady.


When To Draft:

– You can complete the mid-season draft BEFORE the start of Episode 6 on Monday. (Just be aware that the bonus lady you draft may get the axe immediately. Such is life.) It’s up to you and your league.
– Because of the cliffhanger ending to episode 5 (ugh, way to chap my ass, ABC), our league is going to pause AFTER the first rose ceremony next Monday (technically, episode five’s rose ceremony) and complete the mid-season draft by emailing the commissioner with our chosen contestant. This has to be done IMMEDIATELY after the first rose ceremony is over.


– No matter which way you draft, you’ll receive points for your new team for the ENTIRETY of episode 6.
  • For example, if you pause after Episode 6’s first rose ceremony to draft Jade to your team, and she receives two roses at both ceremonies, you’ll receive all of those points. Drafting AFTER the first rose ceremony of the night just ensures that you aren’t adding a lady to your team who will be immediately axed. That’s it.
– Normally, our points categories are awarded once per episode per contestant. However, we’re making an exception in Episode 6 for the category “Getting the rose to stay another week”, worth 25 points. Ladies will be eligible for those points twice this week, once per rose ceremony (assuming there ARE two rose ceremonies).
Questions? Y’all are dang thorough with everything Bach-related (which is why we all get along so well), so we expect a few. Let us know in the comments!
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15 thoughts on “Introducing the Mid-Season Draft!

  1. chickky311 says:

    If we choose to do the mid-season draft now (before Monday’s first rose ceremony), and the girl we add to our team gets a rose to stick around, would we add the points from that or not, since technically the rose would be from episode 5 (when that girl wasn’t on the team), but it occurs in episode 6 (when she is on the team)?

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      This is a mind-melter and an important question. We don’t even know if there’s going to be a double rose ceremony in Episode 6 (could someone please get Chris Harrison on the horn?)

      To make it easiest for your commissioner, let’s do this: whatever goes down on 2/9/15, you get points for. Instead of splitting the two hours into “the end of Episode 5 and the start of Episode 6,” we’re going to count it as one lump of points. So if you draft Kelsey before Episode 6 begins, you’ll get points if she receives roses at both rose ceremonies (assuming there’ll be two). Make sense?

      That cliffhanger really screwed us all.

  2. Our league is going to put a little twist on it. We’re drafting in inverse-order of the current standings (i.e. the person in last chooses first, and first chooses last). Once a contestant is added to a team she’s ineligible to be added to any other teams. So if Jade gets picked first, she can’t be added to any other teams. Hopefully this will make it a little more fair, and allow some of our stragglers to rise up and make things more competitive.

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      Oh, that’s a great suggestion, especially for smaller leagues. Let us know how that ends up working out for your league—we’re always evolving here at BachFantasy and if it ends up making your fantasy league more fun for everyone involved, maybe we can implement a similar strategy on the site. Thanks for playing! Love your level of commitment.

  3. Melissa says:

    So the three girls that received roses on dates on episode 5 already earned points for that last week. They will not get any additional points for the first rose ceremony in episode 6, right? In the example, you used Whitney, who already has a rose. Just want to make sure I have this correct.

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      Yes! Terrific point. If the lady got a rose during Episode 5, she will NOT receive points again for that during Episode 6.

  4. Kelly Powell says:

    How do you add the 70 points for an intact team to the spreadsheet? Thanks!

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      Hi Kelly! I’d suggest just adding 70 points to one of the girls’ point totals tomorrow when you plug ’em into the spreadsheet.

      • Kelly Powell says:

        Thank you!

        So, we drafted after the rose ceremony…let’s say you dropped Ashley I and picked up Jade…I know you get all Jade’s points for the night, but do you get any of Ashley’s?

  5. Cheryl Marzigliano says:

    Well my team is not in tact. I’d like to add Jade but I still have my top 2 contestants in the running. So I’m assuming I need to draft from the 2nd and 3rd tiers?

    Cheryl Marzigliano

  6. Kristen says:

    Is there a wildcard for episode 6? Was the wild card category in week 5 a bust?

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      Hey Kristen! Another wildcard category BUST for Week 5 unfortunately. You’ll be happy to know there was a wildcard category for Week 6: 20 points to the first lady to compliment Chris’s physical appearance.

      There was also a winner of this week’s wildcard points, but you’ll have to come back tomorrow to see who :)

  7. Cheryl Marzigliano says:

    Mid-Season Draft…Mike Cardano and I choose Becca Cheryl Marzigliano

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