Season 20 (Optional) Women Tell All Points Categories

My friends, I apologize for this terribly late post. Both of us BachFantasy co-founders moved this week, and as BachFantasy is still just a hobby and not our 9-5s (WE WISH), we had to abandon it a little bit. We sincerely apologize and appreciate your patience.

These points are optional so if your league does not want to award any points for tonight’s episode, that’s okay. Also, there will be no wildcard points tonight.


We’ve decided to only award points to the contestants belonging to each team AFTER the mid-season draft. Some of you pointed out that it seems like we’re punishing people who drafted well (i.e., have JoJo and Lauren B. remaining on their teams and thus don’t have an opportunity to score as many points in the Women Tell All). We’re actually hoping that this gives teams who aren’t doing as well a chance to catch up and make the finale even more exciting in your leagues.

Here’s what we’ll be scoring during the Women Tell All (in addition to all the regular points):

  • Entering a guess as to who will win the show (5 points)
  • Apologizing to another contestant (5 points)
  • Apologizing directly to Ben (5 points)
  • Being featured on the Blooper Reel (5 points; available once per contestant)
  • Mentioning a new romantic interest in her life (10 points)
  • Asking Ben why he got rid of her (15 points)
  • Being accused of lying by another contestant (15 points)
  • Calling another contestant a liar or saying that she’s lying (15 points)
  • Admitting that feelings still remain for Ben (20 points)
  • Getting chosen for a one-on-one interview with Chris Harrison (25 points)
  • Getting chosen to go on Bachelor in Paradise/Bachelor Pad (25 points)
    • Must be officially announced on the show 

Good luck!


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3 thoughts on “Season 20 (Optional) Women Tell All Points Categories

  1. Kendra says:

    Can we do these points in addition to the applicable points from our normal score sheet (crying, saying someone isn’t here for the “right reasons”, etc)? I don’t think many of the usual episode points would apply, but if they do should we award them as well?

  2. cpowellworks says:

    did our team leader have to opt in for the “optional” points from these point categories or will they apply to our leagues through the fantasizr website?

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