A Note About Season 20

Welcome to the 76th Annual Hunger Games.

Is newly minted Bachelor Ben Higgins the second coming? He very well might be. The last time we were this excited for a Bachelor, he turned out to be Juan Pablo, so…our track record for predicting a good Bach isn’t exactly spotless. Regardless, I have a feeling Ben is a good egg.

We’ve gotten a ton of tweets and emails asking if we’ll be scoring this season. Is the sky blue? Is Chris Harrison sneaky? Is Ben H. a total smokeshow?

We’re here, my babies. We’re here. And we’re unrolling some exciting new features this season.

So stay tuned for an Updated Points Template and a Drafting Guide coming your way. Sign up at the bottom of this site to get an email every time we post. You can also follow us on Twitter or Facebook.

In the meantime, notify your league members. Throw up the bat signal. Place the Dark Mark above your house. BachFantasy Season 20 is about to begin.

Tell us in the comments: will you be playing this season? What’s your team name?

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6 thoughts on “A Note About Season 20

  1. Mary says:

    Oh BachFantasy! You are the cure to my winter-time blues … and Three Buck Chuck from Trader Joes :)

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      Mary, that’s exactly how we survive winters. We’d live stream The Bach from the Trader Joe’s wine aisle if it got better WiFi.

  2. Jen Saviano says:

    How fun! Would it be cheating if I played too? ;)

    xx, jennifer

  3. Sasha Austin says:

    Oh we are ready!!! We’ve been waiting for this!

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