Welcome to “The Bachelor” Fantasy League, Season 20

Returning BachFantasy lovers: welcome back! Thanks for sticking with us through thick and thin, hot tubs and helicopters, drunk hiccups and crocodile tears. We promise that big things are in store for BachFantasy and we thank you for guarding and protecting our hearts on this journey (and we’ll always do the same to yours).

If you are new, welcome to the greatest couple of months of your life. Mercury is moving out of retrograde, and Jupiter is moving into your tenth house of Fame, Honors, and Reality TV Excitement.

Keep reading for an overview of how to start your very own Bachelor Fantasy league.


1) Gather your “Bachelor”-loving friends and coworkers, and choose a League Commissioner. The Commissioner is responsible for tallying league members’ points each week and sharing the standings with the league.

2) Choose how your league is going to run your draft (read more on that below) and submit your contestant picks to your league commissioner.

3) Watch “The Bachelor” every Monday night, beginning January 4 on ABC.

4) Visit this blog every Tuesday morning to see how each of your contestants scored. The league commissioner should add up the point totals for each team in order to figure out the weekly rankings. You can use our BachFantasy Score sheet (UPDATED) to keep track of your league members’ scores.


You have a few options when it comes to drafting your Bachelorette fantasy league team team of five contestants. Click here to read more about how to draft your team.


When picking contestants, choose your own adventure. Do you want a team of escapees from the funny farm? Do you want to stack your team with the stage 5 clingers? Variety is the spice of life. Do you. 

Points are divided into Phrases, Actions, and Roses. We’ve added a few new points categories this year; look for bolded below. We will continue with a new wildcard point category each week to keep things fresh throughout the season!


  • Talking about her parents’ relationship (5 points)
  • Mentioning her kid (5 points)
  • Mentioning a deceased loved one (10 points)
  • Mentioning a previous fiance or husband (10 points)
  • Expressing fear of a date activity (10 points) NEW IN 2016
  • Discussing her virginity (15 points) NEW IN 2016
  • Saying “I’m not here to make friends” (20 points)
  • Saying “I’m falling for you” to the Bachelor or “I’m falling for him” to the camera (20 points)
  • Saying “I love you” to the Bachelor (30 points)
  • Telling the Bachelor that someone in the house “is not here for the right reasons” (30 points)


  • Interrupting someone’s one-on-one time (5 points)
  • Bonus: using the phrase “steal [the Bachelor] away” during said interruption (5 points)
  • Dancing (5 points)
  • Wearing a helmet (5 points)
  • Singing or playing an instrument for the Bachelor (5 points)
  • Hot tubbing (5 points)
  • Giving the Bachelor a gift (5 points)
  • Going on a picnic (5 points)
    • Must be sitting on the ground
  • Wearing a costume or clothing native to another culture/country (5 points)
  • Attending a concert (10 points) NEW IN 2016
  • Riding in a helicopter (10 points)
  • Riding on a boat (10 points)
  • Kissing the Bachelor on the lips (10 points)
  • Appearing visibly drunk (15 points)
  • Meeting the Bachelor’s family and/or friends (15 points)
  • Needing medical attention at any point (20 points)
  • Crying on camera (25 points)
    • Must actually see moisture fall
  • Having a secret boyfriend at home (25 points)
  • Having a body part blurred out any point (30 points)
    • Only for nudity; having your mouth blurred for profanity doesn’t count
  • Leaving the show early on her own accord (30 points)
  • Drafting the next Bachelorette on your team (40 points)
  • Coming back to the show to beg for another chance (50 points)


  • Getting the First Impression Rose (35 points, only available first night)
  • Being selected to go on a group date (10 points)
  • Being selected to go on a one-on-one date (20 points)
  • Getting the rose to stay another week (25 points)
  • Getting the rose on a group date (30 points)
  • Getting the rose on a two-on-one date (40 points)
  • Making it to Hometown Dates (50 points)
  • Accepting the Fantasy Suite (75 points)
  • Refusing the Fantasy Suite (-75 points)
  • Winning the Final Rose (100 points)


Each week, we’ll announce the upcoming wildcard category for the week on Twitter (so follow us to see what it is!). It will change weekly and is only awarded to one lady per episode. For example, one wildcard category might be: the first lady to dance this week gets 40 points.


We’ll score each episode for you and post each contestant’s scores every Tuesday morning. Be sure to check back every Tuesday to see how your teams are stacking up against one another! We’ll also be posting an episode recap for those of you just can’t get enough Bach.

Will you be joining us this season? Let us know your league or individual team name in the comments! (We like puns.)

P.S. You can sign up to get an email every time we post by entering your email address in the widget at the very bottom of the page.

Did you know we’re on Facebook and also on Twitter? We live-tweet every episode, often while drinking and yelling at the TV. It’s a good time. Come tweet with us!

37 thoughts on “Welcome to “The Bachelor” Fantasy League, Season 20

  1. McKenzie Gravitt says:

    The name of the groupme for my league this season is “will you accept this rosé? 🍷”

  2. Emily says:

    Will you be posting an updated version of the score sheet?

  3. Brittany says:

    Have you ever encountered a tie at the end? If so, what do you do as a tiebreaker? I have several people in my league that have 4 out of the 5 exact same picks and I don’t even have everyone’s picks yet! I’m worried that might happen…..

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      Sure, that does occasionally happen, especially with leagues that have more participants (think 8+). Two years ago, we did a mid-season draft in which participants could pick up another contestant; it helped with tie breakers and to allow the league members who were struggling to get back in the game. We’ll introduce it around Week 5 as an option for your league on a league-by-league basis! Stay tuned for that; it should help with tiebreakers.

  4. Krista says:

    I started to complete the scoresher w picks but notice a lot of the formulas are off on the episode tabs, beginning in early rows, linking to incorrect girls on contestant scores tab as well as league member teams. I can work to fix on my own but wondered if a corrected spreadsheet might be posted?? Thanks!

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      Thank you for catching that! Bec is hard at work updating and the link will be updated within the half hour. Try re-downloading from the link in this post! Thanks!

      • Krista says:

        Oh shoot didn’t see this and had already done myself. Thank you though! Our name is Roses Before Ho(ses). Let the games begin#

      • Bach Fantasy says:

        #NiceWork #WeLoveRhymes #SorryBoutTheSpreadsheet

  5. Carley says:

    My league is called “Hoes for the Rose” YAYYYY. We. are. obsessed.

  6. Brittany Mullan says:

    I know it’s been posted already… but the formulas aren’t correct on the spreadsheet. Will you be posting an updated version soon since the show starts tomorrow???

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      Thank you! Check back in about 20 minutes. We’re updating ASAP! You can re-download from the new link in this post.

  7. This will be the year of cliches as league and team names for us. Our League name: “This Helicopter Ride Helped Us Overcome Our Fears and Fall in Love.”

  8. liz says:

    Do people get 40 points if they had drafted Ben H last season?

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      It’s up to your individual league! We gave out points retroactively to last year’s league, but feel free to kick off this year’s league with an extra 40 points for those who drafted Ben H. last year.

  9. Anna says:

    We have a league of 8 teams playing! Thanks again Bach Fantasy for all the work you put in. We are excited for another season!

  10. brianna says:

    Do you pick 5 girls each week, or just 5 at the beginning and that’s it?

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      Just once at the beginning and that’s it :) We will have a mid-season draft after episode 5 in which you can trade one player for another, or claim a new player if you’ve lost too many. There will be plenty more details on that to come as it gets closer!

  11. Annie says:

    My family is playing and our league is the Mexi-Pack. Not a Bachelor pun but a family pun.

  12. Melissa Riba says:

    Which spreadsheet should we be using? I opened the one that says updated and it seems to have x’s and points already in it. Just want to make sure we are using the right one. Thanks! So excited to do this!

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      If you downloaded the one that says “Updated,” you should be good to go! But please let us know if it’s not working for you. Thank you!

      • Bach Fantasy says:

        So sorry about that, Melissa! You can just delete that. I was pressure testing it and put in some random values to make sure it was working. You can just scrap that and enter your league’s info.

  13. Brittany Mullan says:

    Darn! I updated the sheet myself before you posted the new one. I’m excited for tonight! I have 27 members in my league. It should be a good season!

  14. Just finished the limo intros and 2 contestants are missing. Do we still leave them open to draft based on the bios or keep them out of the draft?

  15. Maria C says:

    I have 32 in my league! So excited!

  16. Chelsea says:

    We went with “Litter of Bitches” and “Cornucopia of Hotness” for our 2 team names…we also did it a little differently since there were just two of us in the league. We split the contestants up among us evenly with 14 girls on each team. :)

  17. Mary T L says:

    Hi there! Will you be running a league and blog posts for JoJo’s season?

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