Last Week On The Bachelor, Episode 4

5 Things We Learned From The Bachelor, Episode 4

Last week The Bachelor moved from L.A. to South Korea. Woo-oo-ooo-aaah, it’s international love now people. Here are some things we learned from last week’s episode.

  1. Pop stars in South Korea can’t get no special treatment. Never mind that the biggest stars in the country played their concert at a mall, they arrived to it sans security in a luxury van.
  2. Kiss quotas exists. And apparently Juan met his last week right before Lauren made moves. By the time Clare was interested in smooch action though, the cycle had refreshed. Maybe it was the way she ate that octopus tentacle.
  3. Tapered capris are in. On men. Our international bach-elor felt it last week in his Euro garb. More pants, less shirt, Juan.
  4. Some people don’t know one lick of Spanish. Bella means beautiful in Spanish. Read it, and memorize it, because I’m not sure it’s possible to fish harder for compliments, ladies.
  5. Kelly might be the realest meddler ever. Girlfriend called Nikki and Clare on their drama like a de-mustachioed Dr. Phil and I think we all wanted to high five her for it, right?

Where have all the picnics gone?

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    Thhanks for this

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