Updated Score Sheet

I thought this would be the season I produced a flawless scoring spreadsheet, guys. Three weeks ago, I added “update BachFantasy scoresheet” to my to-do list, with grand plans to take my time meticulously testing every last cell. Yet, I still ended up hastily updating it between mouthfuls of Kale Caesar salad (sup, Sweetgreen) the day we posted it, sending it off and hoping I’d be rewarded for my procrastination with a miracle of perfection.



Anyway, I fixed it. If you’d prefer to just update your copy, it’s a very simple fix. On each of the Episode tabs, you just have to update the formulas in row 33 to sum rows 2 – 32. So, for example, the formula in B33 should be =SUM(B1:B32). Fix it in B33 and then just paste it all across row 33. Repeat on all the episode tabs.

ALSO, I updated Diggy’s name to be just Diggy (and re-alphabetized). Hard to tell which nicknames are going to stick. Who knew?


Alright, if you’re still reading this unnecessarily long post, have a great MDW. Be safe and make good choices.

BachFantasy Scoresheet Rachel Season

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