Season 18, Episode 7: Points

Too bad we don’t have a category for macking in the ocean, right? That’s Juan Pablo’s signature move this season. Where are the choppers and the hot tubs?! Not too much went down last night: Chris Harrison is back on scene and the women have divided themselves into two separate alliances following our first real Dramz of the season. Still, it’s the calm before the Hometown Storm. Batten down the hatches, y’all.

Here’s how the points went down this week:

  • Andi: 95 points
    • Dancing at a concert (5)
    • Making out with Juan Pablo (10)
    • Getting the rose on the group date (30)
    • Making it to Hometown Dates (50)
    • P.S. I did NOT give her points for crocodile tears on the beach (I saw no actual moisture leave her eyes and I paused and rewound several times.) Of course, if you disagree, add 25 points
  • Chelsie: 25 points (au revoir)
    • Crying on camera (25)
  • Clare: 90 points
    • Attempting to speak Spanish (5)
    • Mentioning a deceased loved one (10)
    • Getting the rose to stay another week (25)
    • Making it to Hometown Dates (50)
  • Nikki: 105 points
    • Making out with Juan Pablo (10)
    • Saying “I’m falling for him” to the camera (20)
    • Getting the rose to stay another week (25)
    • Making it to Hometown Dates (50)
  • Renee: 75 points
    • Getting the rose to stay another week (25)
    • Making it to Hometown Dates (50)
  • Sharleen: 35 points (so long, farewell)
    • Making out with Juan Pablo (10)
    • Crying on camera (25)

If you think we made a mistake with any of the points, please comment below. You might’ve caught something we didn’t. 

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5 thoughts on “Season 18, Episode 7: Points

  1. Puan Fablo says:

    How about Clare and Nikki getting 30 pts for “having a body part blurred out at any point”? Their mouths were blurred when they would swear while arguing like children. It seems to fit the category.

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      We’ve debated this one at great length too, earlier in the season. We decided that it goes against the original intent of the rule, which is: nudity. If your league has been giving points for it all along, then by all means, keep going. Next year, we will clean up that rule to exclude swearing!

  2. Steven says:

    I think next year should warrant consideration on giving points for voluntarily withdrawing. I feel like Sharleen walking away should have gotten something since it is a pretty rare occurrence in the Bachelorverse.

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      That’s a great idea, Steven. At the end of the season, we’re going to ask for new category submissions for next season. This will be high on the list for next year!

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