Updated Scoresheet!

Hi friends. It wasn’t enough for ABC to require 4 hours of our lives this week. They also had to eff up our mid-season draft.


If your league had their shit together and did the mid-season draft between the Monday and Tuesday episodes, go ahead and pin a rose on your goody two shoes little nose.


JK WE LOVE YOU AND ARE VERY PROUD OF YOUR COMMITMENT. If, you are a mere mortal like us and did NOT get it together, you’ll need an updated scoring sheet. We support you either way.

Attached here is the updated sheet. This will work for those of you who plan to do a mid-season draft before Monday’s episode. Simply copy and paste the contents of your “League Member Teams” and “Contestant Scores” tabs from your existing spreadsheet and everything will update.

We’ll post instructions for the draft this week (spoiler alert: it will be basically the same as last year)!

BachFantasy Scoresheet Rachel Season

One thought on “Updated Scoresheet!

  1. Lizzy says:

    Hi guys! Just FYI that this version excludes Will from the points totals (row 32) on the Episode 2 tab. The other ones look fine though!

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