The Points System

Here’s how the scoring works. Each player can only receive points for each category once per show.

Regular Episode Points


  • Talking about his parents’ relationship (5 points)
  • Mentioning his kid (5 points)
  • Mentioning a deceased loved one (10 points)
  • Mentioning a previous fiancee or wife (10 points)
  • Expressing fear of a date activity (10 points)
  • Discussing his virginity (15 points)
  • Saying that someone in the house “is not here for the right reasons” (15 points) [UPDATED IN 2017]
  • Saying “I’m not here to make friends” (15 points)
  • Talking shit to the Bachelorette about another contestant in the house, by name (20 points) [NEW IN 2017]
  • Saying “I’m falling for/in love with you” to the Bachelorette or “I’m falling for/in love with him” to the camera (20 points)
  • Saying “I love you” to the Bachelorette (30 points)
  • Being told “I love you” by theBachelorette (50 points)


  • Interrupting someone’s one-on-one time (5 points)
  • Bonus: using the phrase “steal [the Bachelorette] away” during said interruption (5 points)
  • Dancing (5 points)
  • Wearing a helmet (5 points)
  • Singing or playing an instrument for the Bachelorette (5 points)
  • Hot tubbing (5 points)
  • Giving the Bachelorette a gift (5 points)
  • Going on a picnic (5 points)
    • Must be sitting on the ground
  • Wearing a costume or clothing native to another culture/country (5 points)
  • Being hugged by the Bachelorette with legs wrapped around him (10 points) [NEW IN 2017]
  • Attending a concert (10 points)
  • Riding in a helicopter (10 points)
  • Riding on a boat (10 points)
  • Kissing the Bachelorette on the lips (10 points)
  • Being apart of the “team” who wins alone time with the Bachelorette on a group date (15 points)
  • Appearing visibly drunk (15 points)
  • Meeting the Bachelorette’s family and/or friends (15 points)
  • Shoving another contestant (20 points) [NEW IN 2017]
  • Interrupting a rose ceremony to ask to speak with the Bachelorette alone (20 points)
  • Needing medical attention at any point (20 points)
  • Crying on camera (25 points)
    • Must actually see moisture fall. We’re sticklers on this. 
  • Having a secret girlfriend at home (25 points)
  • Having a body part blurred out any point (30 points)
    • Only for nudity; having your mouth blurred for profanity doesn’t count
  • Leaving the show early on his own accord (30 points)
  • Drafting the next Bachelor on your team (40 points)
  • Coming back to the show to beg for another chance (50 points)


  • Getting the First Impression Rose (35 points, only available first night)
  • Being selected to go on a group date (10 points)
  • Being selected to go on a one-on-one date (20 points)
  • Being selected to go on a two-on-one date (30 points)
  • Getting the rose to stay another week (25 points)
  • Getting the rose on a group date (now worth 35 points)
  • Getting the rose on a two-on-one date (40 points)
  • Making it to Hometown Dates (50 points)
  • Accepting the Fantasy Suite (75 points)
  • Refusing the Fantasy Suite when the Bachelorette is game (-75 points)
  • Proposing or being proposed to (85 points)
  • Winning the Final Rose (100 points)

Wildcard Points 

Introducing the wildcard point category. Each week, we’ll announce the wildcard category for the next episode on Twitter (so follow us there for up-to-date info). It will change each week, and is only awarded to one man per episode. For example, one wildcard category might be: the first man to break into song this week gets 25 points.

101 thoughts on “The Points System

  1. […] in playing fantasy Bachelor (not that kind of fantasy bachelor…), that she started a blog and posted the rules so that you can form your own league, draft a team, and then check in with us each semana for the […]

  2. What does “Drafting the next Bachelorette on your team” mean?

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      Hi Kim! So in a few “After the Final Rose” ceremonies of seasons past, Chris Harrison has announced who the next Bachelor/ette will be. If he does announce it this time around, and you happened to draft the lady who will become the next Bachelorette, you get some last-minute points!

    • Karen says:

      When do you Draft the next Bachelorette?

      • Bach Fantasy says:

        Typically in the “After the Final Rose” ceremony, they’ll announce who the next Bachelorette is. If they do, and you had the lady on your team this season, you get the points. If they don’t announce it, no points!

  3. Hello! How do you avoid someone reading the spoilers? Is there enough points given out for other contestants to sort of even out of points levels? If someone doesn’t pick the final person, can they still win just off points? Thanks!!

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      Good questions. In our league, we gently remind (okay, we yell) at our friends to actively avoid spoilers. I’m nearly positive we’ve been spoiler-free for all four seasons we’ve played.

      Most often, if you don’t draft the winning contestant on your team, you won’t win your league because *someone* else likely drafted the Final Rose recipient and racks up all those late-in-the-season points.

      This season, we’re introducing Wildcard Point Categories and the Mid-Season Draft in an effort to keep all team owners engaged throughout the season, even if they’re losing. Hopefully the points will be distributed more evenly. We’ll be doing a big post about it tomorrow, so stay tuned! :)

  4. Kerry says:

    Do you post the points for each girl each week? Or do we all need to keep track? :)

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      We post the points each week, on Tuesday morning. You can sign up at the very bottom of our home page to receive an email every time we post.

  5. Shelby says:

    I would like to be notified when points are posted.

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      Great! You can follow us on WordPress or scroll all the way to the bottom of the homepage and you can enter your email address; you’ll get an email every time we post, which is typically twice per week. We post the points every Tuesday morning.

  6. Samantha says:

    Please send me points. Thank you

    • Samantha says:

      I meant on Tuesday’s :)

      • Bach Fantasy says:

        Hey Samantha! You can follow us on WordPress or scroll all the way to the bottom of the homepage and you can enter your email address; you’ll get an email every time we post, which is typically twice per week. We post the points every Tuesday morning.

  7. Natalie says:

    This may be a silly/already answered question, but if a girl you drafted goes home on a specific episode but she still acquired some amount of points that last episode do you count the points or are they void since she was eliminated? Thanks!! :)

  8. Alex says:

    So for the dates: If player A goes on a group date for 10 pts, then gets the rose on a group date 30 points, do those get added together for the 40pts or is it still one set of points per category?

  9. joe says:

    What happens if no one completes the bonus

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      We’re all majorly bummed. We’ll up the ante next week with a wildcard points category worth a hefty amount of points.

  10. Apples says:

    In a very contested Office Pool, we are adhering to your scoring system. However, the Jillian non-nudity blurring has become a big issue. 1) Why are these clear-cut non-nude scenes counting as points in your scoring? It seems that the spirit of the rule is for actually stripping off your clothes not whatever the reason that Jillian is being blurred for is. 2) How do you get your friends to stop hating you for simply bringing this up to everyone’s attention

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      Love that BachFantasy is the topic of the water cooler on Tuesday mornings in your office.

      1) I’d argue that Jillian getting blurred is *very* much in line with the spirit of the rule. Tara joked that she had a hairy backside but ABC wouldn’t be blurring for hair. In this puritanic nation we call home, we blur for one reason alone—private parts. So as much as I like to joke that we don’t know why she gets the black box, I think Jillian is quite literally hanging out of her drawers in a way that doesn’t pass the ABC censor, and the editors must deploy the black box. If it was anything OTHER than nudity, we’d be getting an eyeful.

      2) If you figure that out, let me know. We spend our Monday nights dissecting and rewinding this dang show and our IQs have likely suffered for it.

      In all seriousness, thanks for playing! Good luck :)

  11. maria says:

    I need a great name for my fantasy team. My opponent is the “rosebuds” hahaha!
    So I need an equally clever and fun name. ideas please!!!

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      May we suggest Prince Farming? Corn Cob of My Eye?

      • maria says:

        I ended up going with the HornyThornz. We made a trophy so we wanted names we could apply to either Bachelor or Bachelorette each season :) We have 3 girls that play for the trophy each season. HornyThornz (me), Rosebuds, and the Venus Fly Traps… I’m Looking forward to winning it this year!
        Thanks for posting points for all of us obsessed nerds out there!! you ladies rock!

  12. TeamCarly says:

    Quick question – is there a possibility of our women earning points during the “women tell all”? Either the phrases category counting here or some new wildcard points??

    Thanks in advance, our office is LOVING this game!

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      Hi TeamCarly! We are definitely going to score the Women Tell All, and we’d love to add in a few specialty categories for the show. Tomorrow, when we post the points from Episode 9, we’re going to ask for you all to write in with your category suggestions, so please let us know if you have some terrific ones kicking around.

  13. Mollie says:

    Thank you so much for doing this! My friends & I are having a blast and I am thoroughly enjoying the power of “league commissioner”. You guys are hilarious & I love the blog!

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      This is super delayed, but thanks Mollie! These comments are the fuel that keep us going on Mondays at midnight.

  14. Matt says:

    You should get points if your parents are talked about, if the person hugs Chris, if Playboy is mentioned or posing nude, if meeting his family/friends is mentioned, still have feelings for him, if they could have seen themselves in arlington, if the person kisses chris, anything that gives jade more points, etc…..

  15. Rachel says:

    Question with concern to “coming back to the show and begging for another chance”. I’m sure we are all aware based of the scenes for this season that Nick V. is making an appearance. Would he get 50 points or would it not count because he’s not returning after being eliminated?

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      He doesn’t get points because he wasn’t an original cast member for this season and therefore he’s not coming *back* to the show, technically. (Even though he was on it a different season). Thanks :)

  16. Nicole says:

    Shouldn’t Joshua get points for telling Kaitlin nick isn’t here for the right reasons?

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      Unfortunately, that is one of our phrase points categories, and he never said that exact phrase.

  17. Justine says:

    Will you be doing fantasy updates for Bach in paradise?

  18. mywifemakesmeplay says:

    My wife is driving me crazy. She wants to play fantasy bachelor in paradise but can’t find another good score keeper. PLEASE score bachelor in paradise, so she will stop spending money to join some bogus online gaming site!!

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      HAHAHA wait but really, this comment just made our day. I’ll discuss with my cofounder and get back to you!

      • mywifemakesmeplay says:

        Please tell me you will save my sanity and my bank account and score this season of bachelor in paradise!

  19. cathy says:

    Hi Bach Fantasy Grand Poo-Bahs. I’m sorry but I’m not seeing the Final Rose and ATFR points that will be up for grabs for some reason. I thought I saw them before but maybe I’m mistaken. Thanks again for all your hard work!

  20. […] ladies will score points based on how they behave from week to week, as decreed by the following point system. Having said that, the longer your girl stays on the show, the more points you’re liable to […]

  21. Julie says:

    What is the wildcard point for the first Ben H. episode?

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      I actually just posted a Twitter poll about it. It’s looking like it will be 15 points to the first woman to talk smack, as that is the category leading the pack with the most votes right now. We will tweet out the winner at 5 p.m. @BachFantasy! Thanks!

  22. Erin Turner says:

    Tips on how to do the winning payout(s) at the end of the season?

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      Totally up to you! You could do a larger payout for first, a decent amount for second, and third gets their money back?

  23. lavasurvivor says:


  24. max says:

    Hi there – wondering if we draft a new lineup each week or this is it for the season

  25. Katie says:

    Does going on a two on one date mean being selected for a group date?

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      Nope. There’s a group date and then later in the season, they do a two-on-one date with two ladies and one Bachelor.

  26. Dakota says:

    When will my league scoring be updated? Also where can we find the Wild Card info?

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      So you have to download the spreadsheet and keep track of your league’s points yourself. You can find the spreadsheet in our intro post for Season 20. The wildcard points are posted on Twitter at 5 p.m. the Monday before the show, and we also call them out on Tuesday morning in the points post.

  27. […] fantasy leagues also add to my happiness. I’ll be writing a post in the near future about the Fantasy League (link takes you to the points system) I’ve joined. No, not fantasy football. The Bachelor. Yes, I’ve been pulled back into […]

  28. dellacat28 says:

    Will you post Points for the Women Tell All episode? In our league, we have chosen any 10 contestants and can make points on those players dieing that episode. But we need special categories to make points, especially for that episode. Things like- getting called up on stage for a one on one interview with CH, saying the phrase “I’m sorry, how long were you on the show? ” etc, etc. Would love your help/expertise!

  29. Maria says:

    What do recommend for a mid-season player pick-up. What is the best way if we have all lost girls from team, to add 1 girl mid-way (After the rose ceremony week5). There are 3 of us that play for an awesome trophy each season, and I remember there being something last year about a mid-season addition… can you explain again please :)

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      Check back tomorrow morning, please! We’re posting all about the Mid-Season Draft first thing tomorrow morning :)

  30. Kelly says:

    I’m trying to reset my picks to week 5. Since this was too be continued (I’m using fanzier) will it just start over next week or ?

    Also when you say hometown visits, does that count for the bachelors hometown or just the ladies hometown visits (top 4)?


  31. A group of us in Chicago just drafted for Ben’s season! Thanks for sharing this!

    Thought I’d share my draft and why I picked who I picked. Would love some feedback :P

  32. Mommyspice says:

    Do we have a WTA Point System yet?

    • Erin McGee says:

      I wrote my own WTA Points. If anyone would like it, I am happy to share!

      • Chris says:

        I would love to see what your WTA point system are. My players are dying to know.

      • mommyspice says:

        yes please! : )

      • Erin McGee says:

        Ok, keep in mind, I made this up by using BachFantasy as a guide! Have fun!


        * Talking about her parents’ relationship (5 points)
        * Mentioning her kid(s) (5 points)
        * Mentioning a deceased loved one (10 points)
        * Discussing her virginity (15 points)
        * Saying “I’m not (wasn’t) here to make friends” (20 points)
        * Saying “I was really falling for you” to the Bachelor (20 points)
        * The Bachelor says “I was really falling for you” to the contestant (20 points)
        * Saying “I love you” to the Bachelor (30 points)
        * Accusing someone of “not being here for the right reasons” (30 points)
        * Being accused of “not being here for the right reasons” (10 points)


        * Dancing (5 points)
        * Wears a ridiculous hat (5 points)
        * Singing/playing an instrument for the Bachelor (5 points)
        * Brings an animal to the show (mini horse, chicken, etc) (5 points)
        * Giving the Bachelor a gift (5 points)
        * Wearing a costume or clothing native to another culture/country (5 points)
        * Admits she drank too much during filming (15 points)
        * Needing medical attention (20 points)
        * Gets yelled at by at least 2 other women simultaneously (10 points)
        * Crying on camera- Must actually see moisture fall (25 points)
        * Admits to having had a secret boyfriend at home (25 points)
        * Admits she’s in a relationship with a Bachelor crew member (25 points)
        * Admits she’s dating former contestant Nick Viall (-25 points)
        * Admits to being in a relationship with Chris Harrison (1 million points)
        * Admits she’s a lesbian (100 points)
        * Discusses a secret romp with the Bachelor away from cameras (20 points)
        * Having a body part blurred out (30 points)
        * Having her mouth blurred and bleeped for bad language (20 points)
        * Gets booed by the audience (20 points)
        * Gets pulled from the group to sit in the “hot seat” to talk with Chris Harrison (20 points)
        * Sits on the couch with the Bachelor (25 points)
        * Kissing the Bachelor on the lips (10 points)
        * Kissing the Bachelor on the cheek (5 points)
        * Begs the Bachelor for another chance (50 points)
        * Doesn’t say a word the entire episode (10 points)
        * Gets pissed off and storms off the stage (30 points)
        * Doesn’t show up for The Women Tell All (does not apply to the remaining 2 finalists) (20 points)

        Blooper Reel
        * Something falls on her (shade, mic, reflector, camera, etc) (10 points)
        * She screams when an animal flies into the shot (bug, bird, dog, etc) (5 points)
        * Picks her nose (10 points)
        * Burps, farts, or makes an unladylike noise (10 points)
        * Appears visibly drunk (15 points)
        * Spills a beverage on herself (5 points)
        * Falls off her chair (5 points)
        * Refers to the Bachelor by the wrong name (20 points)

  33. mommyspice says:

    thank you so much! XOXO

    • Erin McGee says:

      Well, again, I was just making stuff up. Really though, if a contestant started dating Chris Harrison, I feel they should be rewarded handsomely. LOL

  34. Deanna says:

    Are there any more points being awarded (outside of the final rose and the bachelorette chosen) for the season? Do you know how many points will be awarded for whomever drafted the new bachelorette?

  35. Laura says:

    When you say that players only score points in one category per episode, you mean the categories of “Phrases”, “Actions” and “Roses” – correct?

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      Hi Laura – not exactly. So for each line item (Kissing the bachelorette, Saying “I love you,” etc), you can earn points one per item per episode. So if Jojo kisses one guy 3 times during an episode, he only gets points once.

  36. Laura says:

    Are you doing this again for JoJo’s season?

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      Yes! We’ll be back. Check the site this week for updates (or subscribe so you get an email when we post!)

  37. Karen Togel says:

    Suggested wildcard or regular points – for reading aloud the date card ;)

  38. Mary T Faux says:

    I thought it was 5 pts for Singing or Playing an instrument for the Bachelorette, so the guys singing in the house were singing about her but not for her? Let me know ! Thanks!

  39. jessicaaba says:

    Is there a mid season draft? If so, what episode does that occur before?

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      Hi Jessica – Yes! We’ll post instructions for how to do a mid-season draft with your league this week!

  40. Lesley says:

    How can we suggest a points category? I was thinking that getting called first at the rose ceremony would be a good points category!

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      Right here! We often will take suggestions from comments on the site or Twitter to incorporate for next season. Thanks!

  41. Stacey w says:

    For the mid season draft can a person only choose people that are not already on someone else’s team?

  42. Gregg says:

    There are points for getting a rose to stay another week. How are contestants that make in to the next week in the current season (12) getting less than 25 points for a week?

  43. Kelly says:

    Question about the Men Tell All points… When I pick my guys for this week, do I pick for both the Men Tell All and the Finale, or will I be able to re-pick for the Finale?… I’m wondering because if I have the two finalists in my list, I don’t want them for the Men Tell All (because they won’t appear on that episode), but I obviously need to re-pick them for the Finale. Does that make sense?

  44. Steph says:

    Do you do this for bachelor in paradise? Or know of any site that does? Thanks!

  45. […] Points System – Knowing how we tally points is CRITICAL in picking the right team. […]

  46. Laura says:

    When will the file for scoring for Nick’s season be posted?

  47. 98Chasity says:

    I must say you have high quality posts here. Your page should
    go viral. You need initial boost only. How to get it? Search for; Etorofer’s strategies

  48. Kelsey Ortmann says:

    Where is the excel spreadsheet for points calculation?

  49. Dan says:

    I started a league but all the contestants are priced at $101 and we can’t select anyone for our teams. Why is this?

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