Women Tell All Points Categories

We’re here! We didn’t forget about you or Women Tell All! ABC has really fucked with our internal Bachelor clocks this year, so we forgot that WTA is happening post-Fantasy Suites Pt. 2 tonight. We will score the below categories in addition to all the core categories we score every week.

Here are the bonus WTA points categories:

  • Entering a guess as to which woman will get the final rose (5 points)
  • Apologizing to another contestant (5 points)
  • Being featured on the Blooper Reel (5 points; available once per contestant)
  • Apologizing to Nick for her behavior on the show (10 points)
  • Speaking negatively about/toward Nick (10 points)
  • Mentioning a new romantic interest in her life (10 points)
  • Being accused of lying by another contestant (15 points)
  • Asking Nick why he got rid of her/what went wrong (15 points)
  • Admitting that feelings still remain for Nick (20 points)
  • Getting chosen for a one-on-one interview in the Hot Seat with Chris Harrison (25 points)
  • Getting chosen to go on Bachelor in Paradise (25 points)
    • Must be officially announced on the show 

One thought on “Women Tell All Points Categories

  1. meg says:

    Do we give points based off of first round drafts or mid-season?

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