Introducing Season 20’s Mid-Season Draft!

Listen up, party people. A lot of y’all have been knocking on our virtual door inquiring about the Mid-Season Draft (which means your team must not be faring so well; I FEEL THAT). I’m happy to announce the wait is over.

Without further ado, here are the rules to Season 20’s Mid-Season Draft. Please note that you do NOT have to do this in your league if you don’t want. Up to each individual league.

The Rules:

– If your team is NOT fully intact (i.e., you no longer have all of the contestants you originally drafted):
  • You can draft exactly one more lady to your roster.


– If your team IS fully intact:

  • You get a bonus of 50 points
  • OR you can swap out one of your existing contestants for another lady.


When To Draft:

– You can complete the mid-season draft BEFORE the start of Episode 6 on Monday. (Just be aware that the bonus lady you draft may get the axe immediately. Such is life.) It’s up to you and your league.
– Because of the cliffhanger ending to Episode 5, you can pause AFTER the first rose ceremony next Monday (technically, Episode 5’s rose ceremony) and complete the mid-season draft by emailing the commissioner with your chosen contestant. This has to be done IMMEDIATELY after the first rose ceremony is over.


– No matter which way you draft, you’ll receive points for your new team for the ENTIRETY of Episode 6.
  • For example, if you pause after Episode 6’s first rose ceremony to draft Leah to your team, and she receives two roses at both ceremonies, you’ll receive all of those points. Drafting AFTER the first rose ceremony of the night just ensures that you aren’t adding a lady to your team who will be immediately axed. That’s it.
– Normally, our points categories are awarded once per episode per contestant. However, we’re making an exception in Episode 6 for the category “Getting the rose to stay another week”, worth 25 points. Ladies will be eligible for those points twice this week, once per rose ceremony (assuming there ARE two rose ceremonies).


12 thoughts on “Introducing Season 20’s Mid-Season Draft!

  1. Emily says:

    So in the spreadsheet, do we just add an ‘x’ on the League Member Team page?

    • April says:

      Here’s how I do it. Add an X to the League Member Team tab for whoever you are adding to your team. Then, on the Eps 1-5 tabs you will need to manually erase that new person’s score from your column because you shouldn’t get their points from episodes that have already aired. If you are trading players because your team is in tact (lucky!), you’ll need to do that same step, but also manually erase the scores on the Eps 6-10 tabs for the player you are dropping. Hope this helps :)

  2. Marcy says:

    So the teams who want to draft one more girl are choosing from the contestants that are left correct? Which means a few of us may have the same girl?

  3. Colleen says:

    How does the Mid-Season Draft affect the spreadsheet? If I add a new lady to someone’s pick will that give them all the points that person has collected since episode 1 or just from episode 6 forward?

  4. Susan Sauer says:

    Hello! If a league member chooses the 50-point bonus, how will we enter that on the spreadsheet? Thanks!

    Now I’m off to go watch an episode of Teen Mom…with a mint.

    :) Susan

    • April says:

      On the Episode 6 tab I would just add “+50” at the end of the formula in your points total cell. So the whole think should look like this: =SUM(G2:G29)+50

  5. courtneyfrain says:

    If I add somebody to my team, does this give me a team of 7 (when it comes to WTA) or did I trade that for someone I’ve lost?

  6. Cassi says:

    Could you please send out details of how to incorporate mid-season redraft changes into spreadsheets for those of us who are Excel challenged? LOL

  7. Cass K says:

    I am confused as well do you get points for the new girl for all the episodes to date and going forward. or just going forward? and yes i need some excel tips if you just get the points going forward, or are we just to enter in manually.

  8. Ashley says:

    To change your ladies, copy the row of “points to date” on your week 5 tab, then paste the VALUES (not formulas – you will have to do “paste special” and select values) back in the same spot. That will set it so that all of the cumulative points stay there and don’t change. Then, go back and change the Xs to the new picks. This will mess up your old score pages, but you’ll at least have the correct subtotal. After that, put in the scores for the week and move forward as usual!

  9. Sarah says:

    @bachfantasy, Can you confirm if we get the additional girl’s points from episode 1 and on, or just from episode 6. My league is going wild! HELP!

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