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Introducing Season 12’s Mid-Season Draft

The rumors are true. The mid-season draft is upon us.


If you’re struggling in your league, this could change everything. You have the opportunity to nab a frontrunner.

The Rules:

– If your team is NOT fully intact (i.e., you no longer have all of the contestants you originally drafted):
  • You can draft exactly one more dude to your roster.

– If your team IS fully intact:

  • You get a bonus of 50 points
  • OR you can swap out one of your existing contestants for another dude

When To Draft:

– You should complete the mid-season draft BEFORE the start of Episode 6 on Monday. Email your league commissioner with your chosen contestant. May the Bach gods smile upon you.

Questions? Comments? Recent nightmares you need analyzed? Let us know in the comments.

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