Season 12: Men Tell All Points Categories

In keeping with the tradition of the past few seasons, we’re continuing to score the “Men Tell All” episode this year. Remember, these points will count in addition to all the regular categories during this episode. We’re hoping that this gives teams who aren’t doing as well a chance to catch up and make the finale even more exciting in your leagues.

Here are the bonus MTA points categories:

  • Entering a guess as to which man will get the final rose (5 points)
  • Apologizing to another contestant (5 points)
  • Being featured on the Blooper Reel (5 points; available once per contestant)
  • Saying the word “bromance” (5 points)
  • Apologizing to JoJo for his behavior on the show (10 points)
  • Speaking negatively about/toward JoJo (10 points)
  • Mentioning a new romantic interest in his life (10 points)
  • Being accused of lying by another contestant (15 points)
  • Asking JoJo why she got rid of him/what went wrong (15 points)
  • Admitting that feelings still remain for JoJo (20 points)
  • Getting chosen for a one-on-one interview in the Hot Seat with Chris Harrison (25 points)
  • Getting chosen to go on Bachelor in Paradise (25 points)
    • Must be officially announced on the show 

6 thoughts on “Season 12: Men Tell All Points Categories

  1. Jessica says:

    If we participated in the mid season draft, does every guy that we have ever picked get the points or do we eliminate one of our old guys for who we picked in the mid season draft?

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      Hi Jessica – the Excel sheet is set up to calculate MTA points for your post-mid-season draft team. If your league wants to count points differently, you’ll have to adjust the sheet or calculate points manually. Hope this helps!

  2. Chris says:

    For contestants who have been already announced to be on BiP, like Chad, or who have been leaked as already having appeared on the show, does it still count if Chris Harrison ‘officially’ declares them on during MTA?

  3. Katie says:

    Since they’ve aired commercials and released the official cast for BiP now — do the points ONLY go to those Chris Harrison calls out in tonight’s episode? Or to all the guys going on the show?

    • Bach Fantasy says:

      If they were clearly shown in a preview shown during the MTA episode or have been confirmed as part of the cast, we’ll give them points.

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